Our very special tea started life in 2020, when we were all at home, turning to the comfort and familiarity of our favourite brew. While we may be a nation of tea drinkers, Wimbledon Village resident Mark couldn’t find a blend worthy of the elevated importance of our much-loved infusion. So he teamed up with local tea enthusiast Phil to create the Modern British Brew, and the Wimbledon Tea Company was born.

Mark knows a thing or two about brewing having restarted The Wimbledon Brewery, which was founded nearly 200 years ago. And Phil has been passionate about tea all his life. Searching for the Modern British Brew, Phil discovered that by combining traditional and modern leaf processing - and only using leaves from the best terroir - he could create a unique blend of rich and mellow notes. And, what’s more, by using more tea in our pyramids, you get a truly exceptional flavour.

Phil puts all of our teas through rigorous test tastes to get the perfect blend, but don’t just take our word for it – in 2021 our English Breakfast Tea was awarded two stars by The Guild of Fine Foods.

Our teas


WIMBLEDON earl grey